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Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen renovation can be an overwhelming set of aesthetic and practical challenges, especially if we want to meet a specific budget. We have been helping clients approach these issues by providing a deep understanding of the products and procedures common to the trades as well as a deep appreciation for balance and beauty. 


We can communicate openly about budget, procedure, probability of unknowns, etc. We invite you to reach out and experience what it's like to communicate with a team hellbent on creating the best renovation and repair experience possible.  

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Kitchen in Edina, MN 

With this remodel, we removed 3 load bearing walls to open up the kitchen and let the natural light move through the whole space. Custom cabinets from SCC in Nowthen, MN. Natural slate heated with the homes boiler system and architectural design from Jeremiah Battles at Acacia Architects in Golden Valley, MN.

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Kitchen in St. Paul, MN

This was a fun project in St. Paul, MN.  We updated the kitchen to include more natural lighting, smarter storage, soapstone counter tops and fixed a few of the homes past lingering issues along the way.  


Kitchen in Golden Valley, MN

This is a stunning whole home project in Golden Valley, MN. The clients wanted a load bearing wall removed, more natural light, modern cabinets and finishes as well as built-in cabinetry throughout. The results speak for themselves.  

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